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 About Us

How Angels Anonymous came to be...

The Angels Anonymous Connection was started in 1998 by our Founder, Wendy Grahl. As a four-time cancer survivor herself, Wendy saw the opportunity to help others in a very special way. Through her vision and tireless efforts, she paved the way for us to help fulfill a final wish for terminally ill adults. People who are experiencing financial hardship - often as a result of their illness - who would otherwise not be able to afford to see their wish through. After becoming a registered charity in 2002, Angels Anonymous has continued on with this important work with over 225 wishes granted across Canada. After Wendy's passing in 2018, she has left a beautiful legacy for us to carry on, and with the help of our many supporters, we will continue on with the Angels Anonymous Purpose, Mission and Vision...

Fast Fact 

Angels Anonymous is based in Edmonton and is the only active  charity of this kind in Canada

Where Angels connect to help fulfill one final wish for terminally ill adults.

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