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Support  a Wish

There are so many ways...

To help us grant a final wish for a terminally ill adult. The average cost of the wishes we support is approximately $3,500 but there's always a wide range. Costs could run higher if we are helping to bring more family members together. Costs might be lower if the wish can be granted locally and without travel arrangements. Yet no one wish is more important or worthy than the next. We are always hard at work to keep the donations coming in, the fundraising events successful, and to enlist more volunteers who want to be a part of Angels Anonymous.

Will you help us support a final wish for someone facing terminal illness? 

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Top Ten Ways to Support a Wish...
  1. Make a single cash donation today

  2. Arrange for monthly donations

  3. Attend one of our fundraisers

  4. Host your own fundraiser

  5. Donate your services or time

  6. Help secure a corporate donation

  7. Donate your unused travel miles

  8. Donate items for our auction events

  9. Encourage others to donate

  10. Help us raise awareness about Angels Anonymous

Together we are an Anonymous Community of Angels that are all determined to help others fulfill one final wish. Thank you for your support - we simply cannot do this work without you!

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