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Request a Wish

How to Request a Wish

Every wish is as unique as the person making the request...

We invite potential wish recipients to download and complete our Application Form and also include a personal letter written by you, a family member or a close friend. In your letter, please describe the details of your wish, why you need our help and the importance of this wish to you. We want to hear in your own words why this wish matters and how this wish will provide you with a greater senses of comfort and fulfillment. We also request that you include a photograph of yourself and any other details that will help us get to know you a little better.  Specifically, your letter should:

  • Be no longer than one (1) page in length;

  • Refer to the illness you are battling;

  • Clearly describe your wish  - please be as specific as you can;

  • For dreams involving air travel, please include the number of participants, the airport of departure and desired dates.


Wish Criteria

  • Wish recipients must be residents of Canada;

  • Wish recipients must have a physician's confirmation that they are in their last 12 months of life; and,

  • Wish recipients must be able to demonstrate financial hardship.


When making your wish request, please consider the following restrictions: 

  • We are unable to support wishes to fund medical treatments, medical equipment or to provide legal assistance.

  • We do not support requests for cash, automobiles, property, or home improvements.

  • We do not support requests for "surprise" wishes.

  • We do not support requests for cruises/cruise holidays.

  • We do not accept wish applications from individuals with a chronic illness who are not in their last 12 months of life.

Are there ways you and/or your friends and family could help contribute to making your wish come true? We will always try to work with you to see where we can all work together to help make your wish come true. From travel miles to family-led fundraisers - together we can accomplish so much more.

To download the dream application form in PDF format  you will need Adobe Reader to read and/or print the file. Free download is available at

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